Eastrong Lighting Tells You How To Choose Right LED Batten Light?

Components of LED batten light

The batten light is mainly composed of four parts: aluminum base, plastic parts, end caps and electronic components. According to the lamp body to divide, can be divided into the upper lamp structure and the bottom of the lamp structure two parts.
In fact, the batten light has long appeared in our life, LED batten is what we usually call energy-saving lamps. It is in the batten light combined with the structure of an energy-saving electronic ballast inside the composition. It is characterized by the addition of a partition structure under the space between the lower ballast and the upper structure. In the lower part of the combined structure with a growth zone space cavity structure, and the structure is surrounded by a number of holes, can be used for multiple insulation, heat dissipation, etc., to ensure that the energy-saving lamps can be used normally its life.

LED batten lights


The use of batten lights

Batten lights are widely used in our practical life, in addition to the introduction part of the promotion field, batten lights are also useful in many occasions, such as: factories, warehouses, workshops, parking lots, corridors and other public places.
The use of batten lights can be changed by changing the direction of the flash to get a three-dimensional lighting effect; using batten lights from the side flash, you can form a light shadow on the object, so we look at the object will have a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense. Through the batten light illuminated items look much better!

LED batten light



Batten light buying tips

1, the purchase of batten lights, in order to can eliminate the purchase of batten lights and bracket articulation of the shadow, it is best to choose batten lights with transparent mask at both ends of the batten lights, batten lights of the sides to the kind of seamless docking products, so that the lighting effect will be better.
2, the choice of batten light also consider the life of the batten light, we know that, in fact, many products on the market are some of the lesser quality products, we are buying batten lights, to choose the batten light interface is a copper core batten light.
3, it should also be noted that, when buying, batten lights must meet the CE EU standards, in addition to safety, in fact, CE certification products are products that meet the standards of the European market.

After reading the above introduction about the use of batten lights and buying skills, do you have a deeper understanding of batten lights, want to know more knowledge about lamps and lanterns, please continue to pay attention to Eastrong lighting.

Post time: Jan-10-2023