Office design, LED linear light that must not be missed!

LED linear light not only gives a visual impact, but also a visual extension, making the space’s promenade deeper and the floor height more open. The soft light of the linear lights, with their light and dark variations, makes the space more three-dimensional and enhances the sense of hierarchy, creating a good atmosphere for the overall environment. Today we will study what line lighting is.

01. What is a line light

02. Line light performance characteristics

03. The application of line lights

04. Installation of line lights

01. What is a line light?

The Line Light is a flexible decorative light with a beautiful, robust aluminium housing, named for the way it glows like a line.

Our common line lights are usually installed on walls, ceilings and floor steps, but are also widely used for seamless installation on cabinets, in a variety of forms to meet the decorative needs of various scenes. In the front room, for example, a few rows along the top of the ceiling, ceiling and main lights can be used without additional decoration to give the front room a sense of dimension and hierarchy with a unique line shape.

linear lightled linear light


02. LED linear light performance characteristics

  • Aesthetics

    If the homeowner has a different obsession with beauty, then the LED line light offering can be perfectly suited to his requirements. Bespoke angular curves and customised exterior colours are available to create unique and eye-catching designs.

  • Directional light

    The line light source is directional and is used to great effect to create a wall wash.

  • Colour temperature

    The colour temperatures of the line lights range from cool white to warm white to create different atmospheres in the space.

  • Low energy consumption and long life span

    The LED line light has a low energy consumption and a long life span, typically over 50,000 hours. It can be used as a light supplement, together with the main light source. In particular, office decoration projects can be designed to choose the right colour scheme to bring out a sense of atmosphere and consume less energy when switched on for a long time.

03. The application of line lights

  1. Corridors

    Long and narrow corridors are not well lit and depressing, so ordinary lighting is not enough to meet the demand. The advantage of using line lighting is that it can be installed along the wall, so that the light source is not concentrated in a certain position, while lighting up the space, but also has a delicate decorative effect.

  2. Walls

    Monotonous walls are decorated with line lights + mouldings that do not break the original tone, but also accentuate a more advanced visual aesthetic.

  3. Ceilings

    The most common is the line light in the ceiling of the living room, which is used in a variety of ways, all of which visually create a stronger atmosphere.

  4. Staircase / Landing

    Concealed line lights underneath the staircase or used as an inductive light source on the side are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a practical value.

suspended linear light

04. Installation of line lights

The three most common types of installation for line lights, pendant mounting, surface mounting or recessed mounting.

  • Suspended installation

    Suspended from the ceiling using a hanging wire, best suited to rooms with spacious ceiling heights. It is also ideal for creating accent lighting and is mostly used in spacious spaces, above dining tables or over reception counters etc.

  • Surface mounting, no trenching required

    Surface mounted linear lights are installed on the ceiling or wall surface, mostly for situations where the ceiling height makes the chandelier too low. Many finished products are now very delicate and can be fixed with tools depending on the situation.

  • Recessed installation

    Recessed linear lights are recessed into a wall, floor or ceiling to create a visually flat effect while providing light in a flat surface.

linear light installation

suspend led linear light

Post time: May-17-2022